CESAB S010i Li-ion powered stacker

Cesab Material Handling have launched the new S010i Li-ion powered stacker. The Cesab S010i has a capacity of 1000kg capacity and is built with a low weight for use in restricted areas like elevators or mezzanine floors and centred tiller arm with large steering angles easy to manoeuvring even in a confined area. Available Features include: Low weight compact design and easy to operate and maneuver. Safety features include, Turtle button, Speed reduction when cornering, emergency cut off switch ad lift height indicator Excellent visibility due to the Clearview mast with lift heights up to 3.6m LCD Display Available from […]

CESAB TTE Towing Trucks

TTE 15 Small indoor tow truck designed for short and medium distances. With a maximum drive speed of 12 km/h it can rapidly link different production or stocking stations. The low step and easy to use handlebar make the TTE 15 the optimal solution for applications where drivers go on and off the truck frequently. The stand-on platform has a thick, comfortable rubber mat and senses the driver presence. The electro-magnetic brake applies automatically whenever the driver leaves the tower to safely secure the machine. The TTE 15 is the ideal solution for the flower industry, hospitals, shopping malls airports […]

CESAB R300 Reach Trucks

Offering enhanced technology and higher levels of productivity and safety, the all-new Cesab R300 reach truck has been designed to push the boundaries of any materials handling operation. One of the most advanced reach trucks on the market, with load capacities from 1400 to 2500kg, lift heights up to 13000mm, and powerful energy efficient AC drive motors. Delivering a superb driving experience, the Cesab R300 reach truck brings superior all-round visibility, a workspace that is fully adjustable to each operator, and a suite of innovative features, including 360° steering, Optimal Truck Performance, Transitional Lift Control, Intelligent Mast Design and a […]

CESAB R200 Reach Trucks

The CESAB R200 is a compact and flexible reach truck. With its narrow designed chassis, it is ideal for stacking in narrow and constrained spots. The R200 offers high drive and lift speeds linked to optimal comfort for the driver. The open-design overhead guard and the wide-view mast and carriage guarantee excellent all-round visibility. The performances of the CESAB R200 are programmable to adapt the truck to the driver’s abilities or restrictions in special areas of your site. The driver is at ease with the simple and logical fingertip controls placed on the ergonomic console with integrated wrist rest. The […]

CESAB R100 Reach Trucks

The CESAB R100 is the easy to use and efficient reach truck for basic applications. The R200 offers the essential reach truck functions and is highly productive with its maximum lift height of 8.5 meters. Designed for easy and precise control, the goods handling goes smooth and precisely resulting in high-performance levels. The driver is at ease with the simple and logical fingertip controls placed on the ergonomic console with integrated wrist rest. The electric steering allows effortless safe and precise manoeuvring. The fully adjustable cockpit even offers an adjustable footplate to ensure that every driver finds his most comfortable […]

CESAB S300 Powered Stacker Trucks

The CESAB S300 powered stacker truck range merges high capacities with excellent manoeuvrability and maximum productivity. The driving speeds up to 10 km/h, its best-in-class turning radius and the foldable driver platform make it the sprinter for your material handling operation. CESAB’s Powertrak drive unit adjusts the pressure on the drive wheel proportional to the load on the forks and assures optimal traction and stabilityunder all circumstances. Offering highest lift and lowering speeds, the operator spends less time in stacking loads and manages more load movements. The adjustable tiller arm provides best comfort and combines all functions in a intuitive […]

CESAB S200 Powered Stacker Trucks

The CESAB S200 powered stacker truck range has been designed for medium-intensity applications; very simple and safe to use. The 5-point chassis design assures perfect stability and control even on ramps and uneven floors. The centrally placed tiller arm and the small turning radius makes manoeuvring in both directions easy. The ergonomic tiller arm head combines all functions for drive, lifting and lowering while the low body design and wide-view mast allow a good and safe view of the forks. The PIN-code access allows individual parameters settings and can be configured so it adapts the truck to the user’s drive […]

CESAB S100 Powered Stacker Trucks

The CESAB S110 and S110S powered stacker trucks are the perfect solution for low-intensity applications. Weighing less than 500 kg, its exception compactness and low noise level make that this powered stacker can be used in a wide variety of applications. The low-maintenance and revolutionary AC motor offers great energy efficiency, as well as durability and strength. As the electric brake applies automatically, there is no risk of rolling backwards when working on slopes. Used in grocery and retail stores, offices, warehouses and the manufacturing industry, the CESAB S100 Series is an excellent choice for low-intensity applications and confined areas. The […]