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New Cesab electric 3 wheel 1800kg forklift truck










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New Cesab electric 3 wheel 1800kg forklift truck

With the 3 wheel CESAB B318II  forklift you no longer have to make the choice between manoeuvrability or performance, you can have them both.
Boasting powerful 48 volt AC motors the CESAB B318II deliver exceptional performance that helps you enhance productivity.Preview (opens in a new tab)
High performance is complemented by a compact design which, thanks to a shorter chassis and smaller steering tyres, means the CESAB B318 offer exceptional manoeuvrability even in narrow spaces.
Of course, productivity also depends on the operator and the CESAB B318 offers excellent comfort and visibility thanks to a new cab and overhead guard design, along with a choice of industry leading new generation masts.

High strength, higher performance.
The mast is manufactured using an optimised welding process. This results in higher performance in terms of both longevity (less stress and wear on the mast) and durability (greater protection against damage due to overload).

Reduced noise and vibration, more comfort. 
A hydraulic brake effect at lifting and lowering end stroke makes for smoother operation. This contributes to stability and a more comfortable working environment. Two FFL cylinders reduce vibration compared to single cylinder designs.

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Cesab B318II  Capacity:                                       1800 kg Length to fork face:                    1880 mm Overall width:                              1060 mm Wheelbase:                                   1413 mm Travelling speed (w/o load):     16 km/h Lifting speed (w/o load):           0.61 m/s Turning radius:                            1563 mm