The New Redesigned Cesab Electric Forklift Trucks are Launched

Cesab has launched the new redesigned electric range, they have managed to make the Cesab even better with zero emissions across the electric range and include the highest levels of safety, performance, and ease of use for the most demanding of operations. 

The five ranges include the B200 range 1.0 ton to 1.5 ton capacity 24V machines.

B300 and B400 3 and 4-wheel 48V machines with 1.5 – 2.0 ton capacities.

B600 range 80V 4 wheel machines with 2.0 – 3.5 capacities.

The B800 range 80V 4-wheel machines offer 6.0 to 8.5 ton capacities. We have our first new models being delivered to us in November, a B320II and a B316II, both are 3-wheel electric machines and will be available to view in our Corsham depot.

Cesab News Article for the all-new electric range

CESAB B-Series – Maximum safety and performance, minimum dimensions

All CESAB B-Series models come with ISD, CESAB’s Intelligent Stability Design, as standard. This active safety system monitors the key parameters of the truck and takes corrective action when necessary to assure the stability of the machine and load.

IMD (Intelligent Mast Design) technology provides industry leading levels of visibility through the mast.

To further enhance driver visibility, all trucks are fitted with low dashboards, as well as a narrow profile overhead guard, and a new, open-design fork carriage, for excellent forward visibility of the forks and load. This gives operators an unhindered view during load handling, helping them to work more accurately, with less risk to their surroundings or loads.

CESAB B200 electric trucks, 24V

Cesab B200 three-wheel models have mechanical, deck mounted mechanical levers as standard, with fingertip controls or mini joysticks available as options. Both are mounted on a fully adjustable ergonomic armrest.

The Cesab B200 range also comes with a choice of two pedal arrangements, automotive style or double pedals.

The new compact Cesab B200 offers a more spacious driver compartment for optimum driver comfort within a compact truck.

CESAB B300 and B400 electric trucks, 48V

These three- and four-wheel trucks have fingertip controls as standard, with double joysticks or a single multifunction joystick as options. Across all models the controls are perfectly integrated in an ergonomic and fully adjustable armrest.

The CESAB B300 and B400 are available with lead-acid batteries that are sideways extractable, or with CESAB’s in-house Li-ION batteries for ease of use in multishift operations.

CESAB B600 electric trucks

This new four wheel 80V model, which offers a performance comparable with internal combustion trucks, has been designed to withstand the toughest of environments. With load handling capabilities of up to 3.5 tonnes and a lift height of 6.5 metres, the CESAB B600 range is designed for maximum productivity outdoors and inside.

Driver comfort is optimised by a full floating cabin, with four suspension dampers separating the driver’s compartment from the chassis to reduce vibrations and lower noise levels.

The battery can be quickly and easily removed through a side panel, for fast exchange or maintenance. Thanks to the open chassis design, the battery is located 100mm lower than on previous models, which gives the truck a lower centre of gravity and higher stability, with greatly improved residual capacities.

With the Li-ion option, battery charging is simple, safe and fast, with a new generation Li-Ion connector that easily pushes into the charge socket on the CESAB B600. A simple, hinged lid covers this socket, with no plug to remove before charging.

The hydraulic controls are integrated in an armrest that also holds the standard truck display. An optional colour display with new interface provides a full overview of truck functions, while a new extended push button layout offers optimum control and customisation.

CESAB B800 heavy duty electric trucks

The four wheel, 80V, Cesab B800 is the strongest model in the CESAB electric range, extending to 8500 kg capacity and a 900mm load centre.

The excellent drive and lift power of the CESAB B800 is delivered through four compact, powerful and maintenance-free AC motors. These include two drive motors, a pump motor for lift control and a power steering motor.Adjustable regenerative braking on the CESAB B800 allows the operator to simply release the accelerator for the truck to automatically brake and send power back into the battery. As well as offering a more predictable driving experience, this increases operating hours, reduces wear and tear on the brakes and extends the period between truck services.