Forklift Repairs & Rebuilds

Consolidated forklift truck standards in our purpose-built workshop facilities in Corsham we carry out forklift repairs, overhauls and rebuilds.

Forklift Repairs

  • Forklift mast rebuilds
  • Chain & fork inspection
  • Steering axle rebuilds
  • Sideshift repair
  • Rotators
  • Transmission rebuild
  • Brake overhaul
  • Tail lifts

When the forklift repair needs to be carried out off-site we have our own transport to collect your machine and bring it back to our fully equipped workshop where our experienced engineers will be able to carry out the repairs quickly and efficiently.

To help reduce the disruption to your business we have a selection of loan machines that can be hired whilst your machine is being repaired.

Forklift Repair

Forklift Rebuilds

Are you finding that your usual trusty machine is letting you down, it is possible to mechanically rebuild your machine, leaving you with a reliable machine again.

We would:

  • Strip and clean all components
  • Replace worn parts
  • Re-assemble the machine
  • Service and thorough examination certificate
  • Final function test

We can completely refurbish your own machine to give it a new lease of life or trade-in your existing machine to go as a deposit towards another machine.

To limit the repairs and breakdowns to your machines we offer various service packages

Forklift Repair

Refurbished Forklift Trucks

It is difficult to spot the difference between our refurbished machines and new, they offer maximum reliability, productivity and efficiency.

All used forklift trucks are refurbished in our specially designed workshop where they are dismantled and assessed, all worn or defective parts replaced (including tyres and lift chains), cleaned inside and out, repainted, reassembled and safety-tested before being transported back to the customer.

What we do:

  • Thoroughly clean the forklift machine
  • Carry out a full mechanical inspection
  • Replace any worn or faulty parts
  • Check tyres and chains
  • Check battery function
  • Sand back to bare metal, prime and paint
  • Reassemble machine
  • Carry out a thorough examination and service
Forklift Repairs & Rebuilds forklift repair
Short term hire

View our used forklift trucks here

We have a range of gas, diesel and electric forklifts, reach trucks, pallet trucks, stackers and very narrow aisle machines.

Forklift Repair at Lister Lift Trucks
Corsham depot

Equipped with our own transport facilities we are able to collect your machine and provide an equivalent loan machine whilst yours is out of action or if you need another machine, short or long term, to assist in the busier periods.

Forklift repairs and servicing can be carried out on-site by our expert team of engineers and we have our own transport for trucks that need to be brought back to the workshop. All makes and models of forklift and truck are handled and the service engineers can carry out all types of work from minor adjustments to major rebuilds.

The Mark of Quality

Members of the Forklift Truck Association, FLTA and accredited with CFTS, the thorough examination board, we like to get things right. We offer a variety of preventative maintenance, service and repair plans tailored to your individual needs.

The Consolidated Forklift Truck services are working in conjunction with the Health and Safety executive to standardise all thorough examination reports and timescales for these reports. The thorough examination report is required on all lifting equipment, just like a car MOT.