Tail Lift Maintenance

What we offer for tail lift maintenance

  • Service
  • Repairs
  • Thorough Examination

Regular tail lift maintenance is the key to having reliable hydraulic and mechanical equipment. Our ‘While you wait’ service option is available at our workshop in Corsham, Wiltshire or on your own site.


Routine maintenance is an inspection and lubrication of the tail lift to check the operation and function. This is to ensure the equipment continues to operate as intended, and risks associated with wear or deterioration are avoided.

Workshop Repairs

We will carry out repairs at our fully equipped workshop in Corsham, Wiltshire by our experienced engineers, whether you wait or leave the vehicle with us, we will make sure you’re up and running again as soon as possible.

Thorough Examination

A thorough examination is a visual, functional and physical test on the equipment to check the safe operation of your lifting equipment.

Lister Lift Trucks are members of the Consolidated Forklift Truck Services organisation and all of our engineers are fully qualified to carry out the thorough examination on your vehicle.

We carry out 6 monthly inspections and provide full certification in compliance with HSE regulations.

Tail Lift Maintenance tail lift maintenance

What is the purpose of a Thorough Examination?

  • To establish the equipment is safe to operate and ensure that it is not dangerous
  • Identify defects or weaknessesTail Lift Maintenance tail lift maintenance
  • Specify timescales for defects to be rectified.
  • Check all safety devices and warning notices

Health and Safety Law requires that all lifting equipment is examined at least every 6 months by a competent person.