Pallet Trucks and Attachments

We supply a large range of hand pallet, pump and power pallet trucks, please visit our online store for the full range of trucks available. Order online today for fast and free delivery.

Hand Pallet Trucks

A wide range of trucks, 2000kg – 3000kg capacity, nylon and polyurethane wheels.

Hand Pallet Truck

Telephone 01225 618700

Hand Pallet Trucks with Scales

Manual trucks with weighing scales 2000kg – 2500kg capacity, nylon and polyurethane wheels.

Hand Pallet Truck with Scales

Manual Scissor Lift Pallet Trucks

Upgrading from the truck to reduce the time spent lifting pallets as well as moving them.

Manual Scissor Lift Pallet Trucks

Load capacity (kg) – 1000
Maximum height (mm) – 1650
Total length of the scissor hand truck (mm) – 1570
Forks W x L(mm) – 540 x 1170
Number of fork wheels 2 Fork / Steering wheels – polyurethane

Manual Stackers

No more heavy physical effort, manual stacker can lift up to 1000 kg and has a quick lift pump for fast lifting.

Manual Stacker

Manual Lifting Tables

Lifting to the working height without risk of strain or injury. Lifting capacity of 750kg – 1000kg with a lift height of 720mm – 800mm.

Manual Lifting Table

Hand pallet, manual lifting tables, stackers to semi-electric pallet trucks and the electric range of stackers and electric wrap over stackers.

A wide range of quality lifting equipment making, moving, lifting, loading and unloading simpler and quicker.

Electric Range

Semi-Electric Truck

Capacity of 1500kg to 1800kg

semi electric pallet truck

Power Pallet Truck

For the movement of goods inside the warehouse ideal for moving light and heavy goods. Pedestrian truck and order pickers are compact robust machines.

power pallet truck

Stackers and wrap over stackers

Stacker Stacker

For more examples of the products available please see our online store