Forklift Parts & Batteries

Forklift Parts

We have an experienced team sourcing forklift parts at our depot in Corsham and we supply quality parts at competitive prices. Our team will look for quality, price and delivery times, we will always look for alternative suppliers to ensure you are getting the best service.

When your truck has broken down we understand that you need to get up and running again as soon as possible. Our engineers will always try to find a solution but if a forklift part is needed and it’s not in stock, we will start the order process before the engineer has even left the site.

Contact us on 01225 618700 for

  • Parts for forklifts

  • Parts for tail lifts

  • Parts for hand pallet trucks

  • Quality Parts

  • Competitive prices

  • Next Day Delivery for a wide range of parts

  • Qualified and dedicated engineers

Forklift Parts Brands

Hyster, Combilift, Heli, Mitsubishi, Lansing, Linde, Caterpillar, Climax, Boss, Komatsu, Toyota, Puma, TCM, Yale, Kalmar, Kelvin, Still, BT Rolatruc, Cesab, Atlet, Rocla and many more.

Forklift Batteries

Our experienced engineers will carry out a battery check on each service, a well-maintained battery will last longer and perform better. In the event your battery is not performing correctly our engineers will be able to pinpoint the problem whether it is an individual cell or the whole pack that needs replacing.

We supply a selection of different battery types including starting batteries, gel, monobloc and traction batteries,

Traction Battery

Forklift traction battery

Battery cells and packs are changed on-site by our experienced engineers and the old cells disposed of in accordance with legislation.

Each individual cell produces 2 volts and normally, trucks operate at 24v, 36v, 48v, 72v and 80v. Therefore you will have 12, 24, 36 or 40 individual cells in the battery container.


Monobloc batteries can be used on a variety of applications including light warehouse trucks, power pallet trucks and access platforms to name a few.

forklift gel battery

Gel Battery

Sealed battery unit with minimum maintenance as the battery does not need topping up.

All new batteries are supplied with a manufacturer’s warranty. 


A wide range of chargers  for all applications

Standard chargers will offer a 10-11hr recharge time

Standard Plus chargers will offer a 7-8hr recharge time

High-Frequency chargers offer greater efficiency than the standard units.

These are available in Single Phase and Three Phase configurations to suit your application and all new battery chargers supplied with manufacturer’s warranty.

Aqua fill Systems

Batteries can be fitted with automatic topping systems saving time and spillage.

Battery Toppers

Batteries need daily checks and a regular topping up program to keep them operating at the optimum level and prolonging the life of the battery whilst optimising performance.

Battery toppers for ease of topping up the levels on the battery with minimum spillage.