CESAB P216i Powered Pallet Truck

The new Li-Ion designed powered pallet truck

With this P216i, powered pallet truck, low lifter, solely designed around our modular Li-Ion concept CESAB adds a new model with unique features to the proven CESAB P200 powered pallet truck range.

Offering the same outstanding quality and performance the new CESAB P216i is shorter, lower and lighter and has all the advantages of the Li-ion: no battery swapping, no separate charging area needed, maintenance-free battery, etc. This new CESAB P216i is the perfect solution for customers that need a compact truck to work in confined or weight-restricted areas or need a truck available around the clock.

CESAB P216i Powered Pallet Truck Models

Model CodeP216i
Rated Capacity1600 kg
Overall Width730 mm
Fork Length1150 mm
Travel Speed with/without load6/6 km/h
Battery Voltage/Rated Capacity (5h)24/50V, 105/150Ah

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