New Warehousing High Range Reach Pallet Stacker

New to the Hangcha warehousing range is the A-series reach pallet stacker with 1200kg or 1600kg capacity.  This pallet stacker has reach forks that moves goods forward and backwards using a scissor fork extension system, when the forks are extended the machine can handle non standard pallet sizes and enclosed pallets, it also operates in narrow aisle widths when the forks are retracted.

An electric steering powered system offers easier and more flexible operation, whilst the AC driving motor features excellent acceleration performance and outstanding climbing ability. What’s more, the latest AC Curtis AC control system produces stable control, for better and more accurate lifts.

Options available:

Capacity 1200kg or 1600kg

Mast Height:

2500mm – 4500mm Standard

3500mm – 5500mm Full Free Lift Triple

New Warehousing High Range Reach Pallet Stacker

Please call the sales team for more information on 01225 618700