CESAB P200 Powered pallet trucks

The CESAB P200 powered pallet truck series suits all types of light-duty to medium-duty applications, such as horizontal transport, loading/unloading and order picking. The trucks are easy to use with the ergonomic tiller arm with fingertip controls, and the standard Creep Speed feature for manoeuvring tight spaces. With CESAB Powerdrive, excellent truck performance and efficiency are guaranteed. When it comes to the needs of pedestrian operations, the CESAB P200 powered pallet truck range means business. With its compact design that includes a rounded chassis and centrally mounted tiller arm, the P200 range delivers excellent manoeuvrability for truly effortless pallet handling. […]

CESAB P100 Powered Pallet Trucks

The CESAB P113 powered pallet truck is lightweight and compact. Weighing just 255kg including its battery and built on a compact chassis, this powered pallet truck is ideal for use in confined areas such as retail stores and on delivery vehicles. Its high-power AC motor helps it transport loads of up to 1.3 tonnes efficiently and easily whilst maintaining noise levels low, making it suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments and out of hours deliveries. Eliminate manual pulling, pushing and lifting of loads and improve productivity. The CESAB P113 powered pallet truck is an ideal upgrade from a hand pallet […]

CESAB P216i Powered Pallet Truck

With this P216i, powered pallet truck, low lifter, solely designed around our modular Li-Ion concept CESAB adds a new model with unique features to the proven CESAB P200 powered pallet truck range. Offering the same outstanding quality and performance the new CESAB P216i is shorter, lower and lighter and has all the advantages of the Li-ion: no battery swapping, no separate charging area needed, maintenance-free battery, etc. This new CESAB P216i is the perfect solution for customers that need a compact truck to work in confined or weight-restricted areas or need a truck available around the clock.

CESAB O112CB Low Level Order Pickers

The low level order picker (CESAB O112CB) is a hybrid, two-in-one solution, designed for picking as well as stacking. This model can be ordered with a simplex or duplex mast and offers adjustable forks that make it suitable for a variety of load carriers. Lift height, with duplex mast, reaches 4.15m. With the CESAB O112CB the operator can pick and refill racking with ease.

CESAB O112 – O112P Low Level Order Pickers

With a fork lift of 800 mm, the CESAB O112 and O112P are ideal for picking heavier goods because the operator can lift the forks at working height. Multiple fork dimensions are available for a wide range of load carriers. The P-version with platform allows a picking height of approximately 2.70 metres.

CESAB O110 – O110W Low Level Order Pickers

The low level order picker models allow the driver and forks to comfortably pick at height. The platform lifts up to 1.2m, allowing a picking height of up to approximatively 2.7m. The O110 offers a combined fork and platform lift that allows a total lift height of 1.8m. The W-version has no barrier, which enables the handling of bulky goods.


Hand pallet trucks CESAB CE-H range is the ergonomic solution for your material handling operations. This high lifting model can raise its forks up to 80 cm lift height for safe and easy working. It is a versatile and user-friendly truck, ideal as workstation in any application. The CE-H models are available with manual and electric lifting to make working even easier. The electric version includes a maintenance free battery and a battery level indicator to monitor the availability of the truck. In case the battery is empty, the lifting can still be done manually. Both models come with supporting […]


Our entry material handling solution is the perfect tool for every-day use in all types of applications. The low lifting range of CESAB Hand Pallet Trucks comes in a robust design and offers a capacity range of 2.0 to 3.0 ton. The different options available, allow the CESAB CE models to be adapted to the specific needs of every application. Besides the different fork dimensions available, these different versions and configurations meet the demands of the market, such as a handbrake version that secures the truck for optimal safety when it’s not in use. A quick-lift version reduces the number […]